Build Your Own Swinging Bed

Swinging Bed Name

Swinging Bed – Turn a pair of sleep on a homemade swing-bed, a great addition to a casual room or covered patio. Suspended from the ceiling, these beds come and go comfortably and without problems, allowing you to relax in a new way. Rolling beds require few resources and time, but they result in a feat of carpentry you can enjoy for years to come.

Saw three inches of 2-by-6-by-96 wooden boards on two 76-1 / 2-inch long side rails and two 37-1 / 2-inch cross-bars; two 2-by-4-by-96 inches together in two 73-1 /2-inch support blocks; and six 1-by-3-by-96 inch strips of wood in battens 12 37-1 / 2 inches. Butt the final rails inside and perpendicular to the side rails, forming a rectangle. Secure each joint with wood glue. Glue the support studs on the frame, along the side rails, flush with the bottom edge.

Place the wooden strips through the support strips and secure them with 2-inch nails. Drill a hole in each corner of the top of the frame, in the 2-by-6-inch lanes, and install a lag eye bolt in each hole. Install the eye bolts on the ceiling joists or beams on where the bed will be. Hang the bed using 6 feet of chain attached to each corner of the frame and the roof beams with quick links.

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