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Office furniture – with the modern home-office concept, the workspace is more. And more often integrate among employees and the self-employed, into the living space. The challenge: to create a work space where you can work. Without being disturbed, in a productive way, while optically separating the living space and the working space . In order to be able to forget the work after the working day. We show you how to make optimal use of spatial possibilities.

With ideas, tips and tricks, to find the right office furniture and office accessories . Whoever has a separate piece of work can consider himself happy. In smaller apartments, it is often the living room or bedroom that is use. The question of style also arises: either classic-traditional versus modern-functional. With a room devoted exclusively to work, you can be sure to have a strict separation between work and your private life.

During work there is no distraction, and after the day’s work you can finally relax. Despite everything: To create an optimal atmosphere of work. It is important to consider certain points. The conditions for working in a concentrate and productive way are above all a good lighting, a pleasant temperature, fresh air and ergonomic and comfortable furniture.

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