How To Build Bed Stairs Functional Furniture

MDF Bunk Bed Stairs With Star Cut Design

Bed Stairs – The bunk beds are a wonder for the dormitories shared by the brothers. They are also ideal for bedrooms. However, it seems that the least robust part of pre-purchased bunk beds is the staircase. Children are often rough on it, which they use for a number of things ranging from a part of a fortress to a place to hang their clothes. With a bit of wood, some carriage bolts, and some tools, you can quickly and easily design a new ladder for your children’s beds.

Measure from the top of the base of the bunk bed from top to bottom on the floor. Consider the old saying, “Measure twice, cut once.” Measure again. This is the time that the sides of the bunk bed stairs only will have to be. We saw two of the pieces of 2 by 4 at this length. Cut off five 1-1 /2-foot pieces from the third 2-by-4. These will be the rungs of the ladder.

Of bolts from the rungs to the two side pieces that you cut in the previous step. These should have a separation of 10 to 12 inches of vertical distance. The fifth piece should be nailed with the top of the ladder poles. Check if your ikea bunk bed stairs will be the correct height when mounted on the upper base plate. If it is necessary to adjust to a shorter length, do it now. Draw around arch at the top of the sides of the staircase.

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