How To Make Loft Desk Bed For Saving Space Furniture

Hidden Beds Space Saving With Desk Combination

Desk Bed – Putting a desk in the open space under a high bunk bed creates a space dedicated to tasks within your child’s room, leaving the rest of the room open to play and entertain friends. The remaining space can accommodate a chair, a bookcase or a mattress for guests during the night. Set aside an afternoon for this project, and overnight so that the paint dries. Cut all your wood with the specified dimensions.

Drill two holes at each end of the two 75-inch desk bed ikea beams. Drill the holes 3 inches from the end of the beam, spaced 3/4 inches apart. Use a drill of the same diameter as the double thread screws. Drill two holes at one end of each of the posts. Place the holes in the center, 12 3/4 inches from the end. Use the same drill bit you did for step one. Sand all sides of your wood using grain sandpaper. Sand again using fine-grained sandpaper.

Set the remaining four posts in a rectangle as you did when building the loft bed with desk structure. Connect at the corners with two wood screws each. Put the smallest sheet of plywood on top of the frame. Connect with a wood screw in each corner. Establish a short-circuit position in the angle formed by the beams of the rectangular frame. Screw in place with four wood screws driven through the plywood and at the end of the joists.

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