Ideas Of Metal Beds For Bedroom

White Metal Beds

Metal Beds – With its fashionable design and unique material, a metal bed can certainly be the centerpiece of any bedroom. The first trick is to make the metal bed showcase the room, embellishing it with the proper finish and making sure that all other decoration matches. Choose a general theme that starts with the bed frame and is tied together with the rest of the room’s accessories. And make sure you have some fun.

Aged metal and vintage decoration are given to the room a cozy, chic feeling, unfortunate. Distress the metal by first using sandpaper to peel off any existing or plain color. It does not matter if your detachment is irregular or rough, which only adds to your anguish. Choose two similar shades of paint. The use of sea sponges, plot stain in irregular, messy applications. To finish the frame of the bed in difficulties hitting random areas with the tip of a screwdriver to make small dents.

A metal bed also works well to give the room an art deco, futuristic feel. In this case, you want sand from the frame evenly and perfectly, perhaps using a motorized sanding tool. Choose metallic or shiny spray paint and evenly cover the frame so that it shines and shines. Accompany this look with a quilt with geometric patterns, fiberglass furniture, and accessories that look like they came out of a spaceship, such as metal floor lamps, chrome frames and wall art that uses a lot of mirrors.

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