Ideas To Decorate White Chair Beds

Target Sleeper Chair

Chair Beds – White bedding chairs have a classic, simple look, but may be too simple for your decor or event. Do not worry – you can jazz up the chairs without refinishing or recovering the chairs. Rather, you can use chair wraps to add color and style to the furniture without formatting. A wrap of the chair is a piece of cloth, like a broad girdle, which wraps around the back of the chair and ties into a knot or bow.

Find a local company that rents or sells chair coats or sashes. Chair wraps are available in many materials, including satin, polyester, organza, and jacquard. Determine the desired color. If you are decorating for an event such as a wedding, consider using the color of the signature on the chair’s wraps, too. Find the center point in the frame of the chair. Stand behind the first chair and wrap the band so it comes around the front of the chair to the back.

Tie the ends together in a knot. Pull hard. If you do not want the knot to show, turn inward, next to the chair, to hide it. Hold the bow or knot in the center of the chair or slide to the side. Cover the top of the chair with an alternative option. Instead of wrapping the band simply around the back of the chair.

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