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Bed Sets – Bed systems vary according to the manufacturers, but most have the same basic components. Additional pieces may vary. Some components of a bed set serve a purpose, while others are simply decorative. Certain components can also carry out functional and decorative purposes. Bunk beds, trundle beds, and other special beds generally use the same components as standard beds; they simply have additional features.

The basic component of any bed system is the frame of the bed. The most common simple form of this is often called the “Hollywood frame,” and it is a metal rectangle, usually on wheels, that has a lip on which a box spring can rest to hold a mattress. The frames can also be made of wood, instead of metal, and can rest on the legs, instead of wheels.

A box spring is usually a cloth-covered wooden frame that contains springs for cushioning or other support to keep the mattress elevated and add comfort. Bed frames are not necessary for all types of beds, but they can be used with almost any type to add height and support. Mattresses provide a cushioned sleeping surface that comes with a variety of options. Firm mattresses provide more support, while mattresses are softer, allowing the sleeper to sink into the mattress to fill up a bit.

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