Tough Racecar Bed In The Nursery

3D Cars Bedding

Racecar bed – What is more fun to make a cozy car room for boys. For this mood board I assumed a cool garage atmosphere with a fresh yellow color. Storage space is important and the Riverdale locker is an investment, but you can get the meters out of it. A tough look and you can store a lot of things in it. Such as the fantastic Siku toy track . I think that is my top tip because it will grow with your child endlessly.

You start with a starter set and it is easy to prepare. All small car enthusiasts and keys can enjoy the garage theme. Because where cars, planes, trains and other means of transport are, there must also be tinkering. The tow truck is already ready to take the stranded vehicles to the garage.

And sleeping under a duvet with vehicles and roads is of course the dream of every little driver. There is always traffic on these car roads, just like in real life. But the cars on this comforter are much nicer to watch. Made from Play-Doh clay by artist Georgina Vieane. And there is still enough room to tear around for your little one.

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